I’ll Have What I’m Having


But really, I will have what Tay serves us because we all know it will be delicious.

Here is what is on the menu, Tay is making 8 sides, 3 pies, and a delicious mock-tail. My brother is smoking the turkey (which is a delicious way to cook it).

Autum Salad recipe:

Image from Half bake harvest

Sweet Potato stacks

image half baked harvest


image half baked harvest



Image from Serious Eats

White whine Gravy

Image Half Baked Harvest

Green Bean Casserole

Image Saveur

Sweet Potato Puree

Image Saveur

Mashed Potatoes:

The picture on the website isn’t appealing BUT its like how the fancy restaurants do it (literally, we ate it at the Daniel in NYC and tay knew he had to find a similar recipe to make it at home).

Chocolate Pie:

I am not a big pie person but I am all about this devious pie!

Image half baked harvest

Key lime pie

Pumpkin pie

Pomegranate drink:

This is an alcoholic drink you can just take the alcohol out to make it a mock-tail.

Image half baked harvest

I hope this menu helps you if you are in need of some good recipes for thanksgiving as I know it can be overwhelming to search the web as so many recipes claim to be the best of the best! Good luck and hope you have a lovely thanksgiving.

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